How Fiercely Peaceful Productions Was Born….

Fiercely Peaceful Productions is on a quest to create epic spaces and events all around the world. Our intention is to live and thrive while integrating wellbeing and social equity through acts of creative service and contribution to all communities in need.  These spaces will utilize the energetic qualities of safety, compassion, support, integrity and collaboration mixed with a healthy dose of fun. 


The name originally popped out of my mouth during a conversation back in 2018 among a powerful group of women.  I used the term fiercely peaceful to describe the true nature of feminine energy when we trust, honor and love who we are, inside out, period.  Then, when we surround ourselves with other sisters (all willing people ultimately) on a playground of possibility built on a foundation of love, curiosity, choice and support, rather than fear and competition, we move mountains with our intentions.  We figure this holds the greatest opportunities for creative healing and wellbeing because empowered women empower women to empower the world as the saying goes…


My best friend Leilane and I decided to take action on this concept and founded Fiercely Peaceful Productions also as a way to house my music projects and some workshops I created and co-facilitated, but as the world keeps providing evidence for bigger need, we keep trying to answer it by growing ourselves personally along with our fiercely peaceful community.  It’s getting bigger and bigger full of awesome folks who want to play alongside us but there’s so much room and we need all kinds of curious and willing people who know a lot more than we do frankly.  So come join us on the playground.  We are here to welcome you with open hearts and open arms and have fun on this fiercely peaceful journey to have fiercely peaceful conversations, create some fiercely peaceful art and lift each other up to live fiercely peaceful lives on a fiercely peaceful planet…. BELIEVE!  Hope to see you on the pitch….


P.S.—To the entire Ted Lasso family and Community, please come play with us!!!  We love you!!